Rebuild Your Health

12 Week Lifestyle and Wellness Course

Supporting people living with heart disease

This 12-week course was specially developed to support clients who have a chronic condition. The course has also been found to be effective by clients with heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and sugar addiction. Each client's course is designed to suit their own goals and personal health challenges. 


Whilst doctors and hospitals focus on treating your medical condition, this course helps you create a state of wellness, enjoyment and vitality by providing the perfect conditions for your body to heal and restore itself.

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During the Discovery phase, we focus on you and your state of wellness, your health and lifestyle challenges and your goals for the future. An Intake Questionnaire and a Discovery Call using a Zoom meeting are the key tools used here. 

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Prior to your first coaching session, your health coach uses all the information gathered about you during discovery to create a draft Wellness Plan for discussion. The first session is lengthy, usually about 75 - 90 mins. By the end of this session, we have an agreed plan and the client has their first week's task to achieve.

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Once your wellness plan is agreed, we set about making some changes. It's here that some modern coaching techniques are in play. Where we start with your plan is driven by your priorities and your confidence in each small step along the way. We are very careful to pace your tasks to ensure immediate success and a process to regrow your self-esteem and confidence.

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Once each week you will have a one-hour coaching session. Your coach is looking for two factors to guide them. Evidence of change and continued confidence from the client that they can achieve the tasks that are set for them. As you change, so too will your tasks.

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Besides the weekly coaching session, your coach will also provide you with education on specific areas of health management. This may include handouts, worksheets, recommended reading and further suggestions.

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During the final week of our course, we take another look at the health markers we gathered during your intake process. Based on the improvements we have observed over the course, your health coach will make some series of recommendations to continue your progress. This is often a time for celebration between the client, the support team and the health coach.


•  Full lifestyle review

•. Healing with food

•  Controlling inflammation

•  Safe exercise for you

•  Strength and balance

•  Sleep and stress

•  Designing your lifestyle

•. Building self-confidence


•  Accredited Health Coach

•  Mentoring and support

•  Individualised wellness plan

• 12 coaching sessions

•  6 Education sessions

•. Tasks and accountability

•  Full email support


• Normalising bodyweight 

• Functional movement

• Strength and balance

• Heart safe exercise

• Tracking your health

This course is

for you if...

•.  You are currently living with one or more chronic conditions.

•.  You are motivated to improve your day to day wellness and lifestyle

•.  You have tried to change on your own, but this didn't work

•.  You have people in your life who support your decision to change your lifestyle

This course is

not for you if...

•.  You are searching for a health coach to improve your sporting or athletic performance.

•.  Your involvement in the course is not supported by your doctor or specialist.

•.  You don't feel motivated to improve your situation.

•.  Your family or support people don't think this course is for you.

Course Details

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Each client's course content is completely individualised. Following the initial Discovery meeting and Lifestyle Survey, the content is selected to align with your goals. Because clients are all different, so are their Wellness plans. Set out below are some of the common topics.

• 7 Day food diary review

• Food intolerances

• Kitchen review

• Macronutirient balancing

• Portion size adjustments 

• Meal timing



• Primal and Ketogenic diets

• Anti-inflammatory foods

• Food substitutions

• Beating sugar dependence

• Alcohol tolerance

• Intermittent fasting

• Understanding stress

• Your sleep environment

• Monitoring your sleep patterns

• Supplements and essential oils

• TV, phones and computers

• How to wind down for sleep



• Functional movement test

• Basic strength test

• Setting heart rate ranges for CVD clients

• Walking exertion test

• Muscle and Joint pain

• Restorative yoga


• Strength | Flexibility | Cardio

• Balancing your exercise types

• Non-weight bearing exercise

• Avoiding joint pain

• Interval training

• Improving your organ reserve


• Why play is important

• Your support team

• Slowing down your life

• Your social circle

• Real vs Digital world

• Lifestyle calendar

Take the First Steps...

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Schedule for a free Discovery Session at a time to suit you and your support person. We can use Zoom, Skype or a telephone. The choice is yours. Let's discuss your current situation and what we can achieve together.