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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Health Coach? 

Whilst doctors and hospitals focus on treating your medical condition, your health coach focuses on creating a state of wellness, enjoyment and long, active life. My focus at Rebuild your Health is upon working with clients who are already suffering from chronic disease and providing the perfect conditions for your body to heal and restore itself.


What can a Health Coach do for me?

As your health coach, my focus is your wellness and longevity. I work slowly and patiently with you to advance your wellness. Many of my clients seek to improve their mobility, increase their energy, lose body weight and improve overall strength and balance.​ I have expertise in all of these areas. 

Do I have a Chronic Disease?

Chronic disease is any condition which has persisted for more than one year. These often include diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer and arthritis. I work alongside you and your medical team to improve your wellness often using motivational interviewing techniques, nutritional improvements, supplements, gentle and non-weight-bearing exercise. 

Why is your signature service 12 weeks long?

In my experience, it takes 12 weeks to make a lifestyle transformation that sticks. Typically my clients need to see the benefits of improved body composition, improved metabolic rate, a sound knowledge of nutrition, inflammation, hydration, strength, balance, organ reserves and heaps more.

What is a Discovery Call?

With each new client, I start with a Discovery Call. It's an hour-long process to understand your current situation and what you would like to improve. Only if I believe I can improve your wellness and help you move towards your goals, will I recommend the program for you. I know that change can be hard, I also know that with the right support you can change, grow and become a happier and healthier person.

How do I know if this will work for me?

I am are very honest with potential new clients. If I don't think we can help you make the changes in your lifestyle that will move you towards your goals, I will wish you well and perhaps suggest a colleague who is more suitable. If I can see a way forward I will explain it for you and seek your input on where you would like to start. I only work in areas where the client is confident they can achieve success.

What kind of improvements are possible?

I have seen amazing changes. People reverse their Type 2 Diabetes in 35 days; Clients who have been morbidly obese return to a normal weight; Clients who have not exercised in years regain their mobility and zest for life; I'm always happy to discuss with my clients what is possible and in what time frame results might start to happen.

I've tried a personal trainer. Is this the same thing?

Not at all. Personal trainers can be very effective for those seeking sporting excellence and elite fitness. I get it, but I don't work with clients who have these goals. It's not my expertise. Returning clients to wellness and extending their active life is my only focus.

How long will it take to see changes?

It's the tough question, everyone asks. The answer depends upon your individual entry condition. The longer your condition has been chronic the more resistant the body will be to change. I can tell you that most of our clients begin to become excited by the changes they are seeing after our first 21 days working together.