Lifestyle Review

7 Day Lifestyle Review and Recommendations

For people who are able to make changes without a Health Coach

This 7-Day review is offered to support clients who have a chronic condition and feel they can make changes to improve their wellness without the support of a health coach. This review process is identical to the one used at the beginning of our 12-week signature course called Rebuild Your Health. 


Should you invest in this service and find yourself struggling to make the recommended changes, it is always possible to convert to the 12-week Rebuild Your Health course.

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  1. Upon purchase of the Lifestyle Review, the client is sent an email providing a link to their 7-day lifestyle review page. This page provides full instructions on how to complete the review each day. 

  2. The client chooses the day they wish to start the review and completes the details of their day each evening. These details will include information about your sleep duration and quality, your food consumption, your water and fluids consumption, any physical activity and a space to record any stressful or challenging events as well.

  3. If they have questions or problems I am just an email away. 

  4. At the end of the 7th day, I will collect all your data and review your current lifestyle creating your own report and future recommendations. 

  5. Within the next 7 days, I will contact you to arrange a 45-minute Zoom meeting with you to explain and discuss the report in detail at the same time answering all your questions.

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•  Accredited Health Coach

•  Mentoring and support

•  Detailed lifestyle review

•  45 min review session

•. Wellness recommendations

•  Detailed lifestyle report

•  Email support


• Risk identification

• Nutrition recommendations

• Exercise recommendations

• Heart safe exercise

• Tracking your health