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My Health Coaching Journey

have lived my entire life with heart disease. I was born in Sydney, Australia with a condition 

called Familial Hypercholesterolaemia. It causes the liver to create lots more Cholesterol than

the body needs. Tragically, it took my mother's life at the age of 45. By the time I was 47, my

arteries were almost completely blocked too.

Shortly after my mother's passing, my Cholesterol levels were measured at 13.2mmol/l and I was introduced to a low-fat diet, experimental drugs and the idea that I would eventually need open-heart surgery. My inevitable heart attack happened in January 2002 during a procedure to remove a kidney stone. The angiogram that followed showed my four vessels were blocked between 75 and 100%.  When the surgeon recommended heart surgery, it came as no surprise. But nothing can prepare you for the massive assault on your body and your mind of Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.


Like most people, I was back home after surgery in less than 10 days. My hospital and specialist both recommended I undertake a Cardiac Rehabilitation program. Like 78% of patients in Australia, I chose not to attend - I was sure I could look after myself. Six weeks later, after my third visit to the emergency ward, I changed my mind and enrolled.


Mike Lynch, Primal Health Coach

The Rehab course lasted for six weeks and by the end of it, I was still a long way from well. The scar on my chest was slowly healing although it still hurt to drive a car or raise my hands above my head. Thanks to the heart-lung machine used during surgery, my memory was still less than what it used to be. The next six months of recovery were particularly difficult. Since that time, I have strongly believed there should be more support for people recovering from heart surgery.


Fast forward, 18 years and I have learnt a lot about how to live with heart disease effectively. After a successful 30 year career as a technologist in senior management, I now spend my time sharing my mentoring skills and knowledge with others who walk this same path. I lead a full and active life as a certified Primal Health Coach assisting people with heart disease to optimise their health and regain the quality of their lives.

My 12-week Lifestyle and Wellness Course called Rebuild Your Health helps clients reduce their body's inflammation through nutrition and supplementation; attain a more healthy weight with minimal exercise; make improvements to the function of their heart and lungs and feel supported and accountable for the important changes to their lifestyle that are so often hard to do alone.

So if you or a family member have a chronic condition(s) and you would like to know more about the Rebuild Your Health lifestyle and wellness course, I encourage you to join me for a free, one on one, Discovery Session to discuss if this might be of benefit to you.

Mike Lynch

Primal Health Coach

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