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Whilst most of my coaching services are delivered online these days, there are certain sessions I still offer to clients who are residents of Sydney Australia. Sessions like performing a pantry clean-out to kick start your new lifestyle; some partner-assisted functional mobility; or restorative yoga session. They are all things that work better in person.

There are also some people who simply prefer to work with their health coach face to face.  If this kind of service is of interest to you, simply book a Discovery Call for a complimentary discussion. 

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From time to time I am asked to work with small groups of people either in the workplace or in the community. This group work may be a single group meeting covering a specific wellness topic or a series of meetings or workshops to improve lifestyle and wellness behaviours.

As a coach with formal qualifications and 12 years of experience in education, I am more than comfortable in the group environment and happy to discuss how I might fit in with your planning.

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As a person with a genetic condition called Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH), I do undertake both advocacy work and public speaking from time to time. This work is usually undertaken to help people in government, medicine and public health groups to understand the importance of their role in supporting people with chronic diseases. 

If you or your organisation would like me to speak at your conference or event, book a discovery call and we can discuss your ideas.

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